Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last post.

I see no further reason to continue this blog. is the blog that Molly & I have together.

We'll just use that one :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Truck woes

My truck has been dying lately. It started stalling when I would idle. Still would start fine, and had no issue when I was driving. Then, one day it started squealing and smelling like burned rubber. I drove home as quickly as possible. After a day or two, when I turned in a paper and got some sleep--thereby reducing my stress--I popped open the hood. And viola:
The tension adjuster pulley siezed--nearly snapped my drive belt too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My dearest VW, we called you Bug.

Many days were we together, coasting to a gas pump.
The rides to school from seminary I will never forget.
I hope to never see your frame in a lump.
I loved you from the beginning and will always regret
leaving you behind; I feel like a chump.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tough Choice

I've been working on to finish my New Testament class so that I can graduate--finally!

Doing so, I've been reading a lot about Paul. I've thought a lot about his work and missions, and the large amount of work he did to teach Jewish converts that with Christ the old law was fulfilled. Understandably, after hundreds or thousands of years of Judaism, there was some difficulty in breaking old traditions. Many of these traditions were based in good principles and there was no harm in them being practiced. The harm came from the insistence that these practices, now obsolete, were forced upon non-Jewish converts to Christianity, with the insistence that these practices were essential to salvation.

I distinctly remember the branch President in Constanta giving a talk on Easter Sunday about accepting the new testament of Jesus Christ and putting away the old traditions of the Orthodox church. He offended quite a few people with his insistence that the Orthodox Easter traditions did not need be followed--one of which being that the first words spoken to anyone (for two weeks) did not need to be "Hristos a inviat" (Christ has resurrected) and the response "Adverarat, a inviat" (True, he resurrected). Much like the insistence of some of the early Christians that the ritual of circumcision must still take place for salvation, this ritual of proclaiming Christ's resurrection causes no harm--it may, in fact, be something we *should* do--but it is not essential to salvation. To accept the restored Gospel most Romanians must put away their old traditions--it is commonly believed that St. Andrew (the Apostle) brought the Gospel to Romania.

I also really enjoy the writing of Peter. I believe that Peter's testimonies (especially the one in 2 Peter 1) are incredibly powerful. I struggle to decide if I'd rather hear Paul or Peter preach. Or Joseph Smith.

Also, 190 (in two hours) until Molly and I marry. I can't wait.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Must Avoid Farm Animals

My great-grandfather apparently died from a pig-bite.

Molly's great-grandfather died from being kicked my a horse.

We, therefore, ought to avoid farm animals.

(How's that logic?)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have about a hundred things that are amazing in my life.

And number one of all of them is my fiance Molly.

I love her so much.

But despite all the things going for me, I am just a little depressed right now.

I wish I could sleep all week.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I just heard from UNLV today and they have invited me to come down and interview with them or their Marriage and Family Therapy Program on the 25th of February. I am really excited. :) I thought I had a really strong application to UNLV and it has a lot of good things to offer. Both to me and to Molly. Plus it is also closer to home and family.

Still no word from Kentucky. But no news is good news right? At least they havn't rejected me yet. Here's hoping.